Increase Exposure for your Business! At Codes Country Lanes we have several affordable advertising options available! Have your business advertisement seen by more than 900 people each week!

Our opportunities include:

Perfect Game Board
Sponsor of the Week
Land Board Advertising

$400 / yr

Lane Board Advertising

Do you want to ensure that your ad is seen by everyone? Lane board advertising works very well. It is seen by all who enter our alleys. The lane board is a large sign placed above the pins at the end of each alley, they are impossible to miss!

The cost for lane board advertising is $400 plus tax for a 12 month period. Please call 250-334-4051 for dimensions and availability.

Potential Cost:
$100 / yr

Likely Cost:

Perfect Game Board

Potentially FREE Adverting!

The perfect game board offers an 8 1/2″ x 11″ (letter sized) advertisement that is posted with other advertisers for the entire season. In the event that a bowler, in regular adult league play, bowls a perfect game, (450, 12 strikes in a row), each sponsor agrees to pay $100 to that bowler.

How is it Free? Since starting the perfect game board in 1976, not one bowler has bowled a perfect game. This has resulted in some companies being featured on the perfect game board for as long as 45 years without having to pay a single penny. Where else can you get more than 4 decades of free advertising?

$25 Gift Certificate to your Business

Sponsor of the Week

The Sponsor of the week is for our league bowlers. Advertisers agree to provide a $25 gift certificate to one bowler who is drawn at random. Bowlers are entered into the draw for each game they bowl over their average in regular adult league play. Draws are held once a week.

Sponsorship’s and gift cards can be for almost any business. While most popular for restaurants, sponsors have included grocery stores, nail salons, fitness studios and other local establishments. Gift certificates can be for either goods or services you offer.

What do you get? Your business advertisement will be featured for the entire week on our Sponsor of the Week board. In addition your business will be mentioned within each leagues announcements. Sponsorship can be for one or multiple weeks the choice is yours.


Open Play Times
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Sat: 12:00 - 6:00

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